What to Look for Before Hiring Someone to Repair your Computer

With so abounding computer adjustment companies/techs to accept from how do you apperceive which one is appropriate for you? I’ve been accomplishing computer adjustment for a brace of years now. It started out as a amusement and after chat of aperture started overextension amidst my family, again friends, and again accompany of friends. So I absitively to alpha a computer consulting business. I ambition to adviser you as to what you should accede afore consulting anyone.

Here’s a few factors to consider:

1. Experience/Knowledge

2. Price

3. Warranty

4. Honesty

5. Reliability

6. Service

7. Destination Fees

8. Chat of Mouth

Now, let me alarm those credibility in detail.


A lot of “computer literate” individuals feel that just because they apperceive how to install programs and reinstall windows that they can now accomplish a business out of it and what happens is that you get Joe Schmoe to appear over to your house, attack to adjustment your computer, and end up wiping your arrangement as “the alone accessible solution”. Be careful, don’t appoint anyone just because they’re cheap.


Some companies will acquaint aggregate that you’re searching for except the price. That’s bad. They usually ask for you to alarm them for a “quote”. Once they got you on the buzz they acquaint you how they’re giving you the best amount and if you alarm aback after again can’t accord you the aforementioned deal. False! Accomplish abiding you analyze prices about your breadth to acquisition the best one available.

Also, sometimes you pay what you get for just like I mentioned before, so it ability account you a little to pay a few added dollars for abundant service, but don’t let them yield you for a ride. Also, a lot of computer casework boilerplate at about 2 hours unless you’re computer is slow, acutely damaged (with bacilli or spyware), or key locations allegation to be replaced (like a motherboard or a harder drive). Accomplish abiding that if they’re charging an alternate amount that they don’t absorb the weekend at your house.


Sure, anyone can appear in and move things about your in computer and again if something happens they don’t authority themselves liable. A lot of companies that action assurance action it because they are assured in that the plan that they do is acceptable work, appropriately action assurance on their locations and their casework and labor. Attending for those companies, it’s in your best absorption and gives you accord of mind.


Do I absolutely accept to go into detail on this one? Just don’t let anyone allocution you into “yeah, I was searching at your apparatus and I’m advising we do a few baby enhancements… like alter your computer”. I’ve abstruse the harder way – “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”.


Someone comes, fixes your computer, it brakes down the next day and you accept a harder time accepting a authority of them or they agenda you in for next month. See how anon it is that they initially agenda you in. That’ll accord you an abstraction of how bound they respond. Some companies action actual emergency services. That can appear in handy. Attending for that as well.


Most companies will awning their advisers to accomplish abiding they’re not weirdos. For centralized computer adjustment you ambition anyone who’s traveling to be courteous, kind, polite, and admiring (yes, there’s still humans out there like that). Some techs appear to your abode and they attending like they’re getting affected to be there. Others accomplish you feel abashed or will get affronted with you as to why you were accomplishing something on your computer that you shouldn’t accept been doing, or will accomplish you feel dumb. You don’t ambition that.

Destination Fees

A lot of companies will allegation what they alarm “destination fees” alignment in pricing. So let’s say you’re beyond the street, or aural a mile. Why pay a destination fee? Or the guy says he has to appear aback tomorrow to aces up area he larboard off (and he’s said that back Monday and its Friday). Attending into companies that action low fees or no fees.

Word of Mouth

This (in my opinion) is the best referral. Your best acquaintance tells you in one breath, “my computer bankrupt down and this tech from X2Logic came down and anchored it like 2 abnormal and answerable me 5 cents!” ;-) Hehe, a bit of exaggeration there but you get the point. If I allegation some blazon of account I ask about with humans whose assessment I trust. Sometimes companies action incentives if you accredit anyone to them *whispers* “like us”. So yeah, chat of aperture – actual important.

So there you accept it. Hopefully that will advance you in the appropriate path. If you accept any questions, I accept a appointment on our website were we action chargeless computer adjustment advice. We aswell action computer casework if you’re interested. I ambition you luck in your computer ventures. If you accept any questions about your computer or allegation admonition or advice, feel chargeless to appointment our chargeless forums area associates and myself accord with advice, solutions, and advice on any computer topic.


Gustavo Hernandez


X2 Logic


[email protected]

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